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Title: 3D Visualizer
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Added on: Feb 21, 2014
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I am very passionate about what I do and try to do better always. I am also specialized in modeling, texturing, lighting/rendering and compositing and Animations . So basically a bit of everything. I originally trained in traditional technical illustration, naturally fell into 3D when I was lucky enough to land my first job working at Toonz Animation in India, a truly amazing work place with very talented Colleagues. It was there I learnt to work really hard and operate as an all-rounder, something that is a little more difficult to accomplish. With more than 5 years experience working as a 3D Visualizer in the Design Industry, As I started my UAE life working as a Senior 3D Visualizer at Bait Al Nokhada, a Company producing some really creative and challenging Products and works. I spent two years creating all manner of Architectural Exterior and Interior Design. It’s a great place to work, lots of variety and some really talented guys to work with.

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