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I do not want to choose a niche for this website. It’s better said my niche is Body, Mind and Soul… and all that can be included. Like you, I am a multi-dimensional being; I have multiple passions and areas of interest. Therefore, this space will reflect me as a person. However, We are all One, so here you will find your reflection also. We can practically write about anything… it is a piece of cake accessing the universal book where everything is already written. Has someone told you that you need special powers to do it? I am telling you now… You don’t need them. The only thing you need is to Trust in YOU and in the Thought of Creation which the One who created everything had “in the beginning”! I read somewhere that on a home page you have to mention “something only you can offer that no one in your field does“. What is it that only I can offer you? In fact you already have it All. You just do not remember it. Therefore, yes, I can offer you trust. I can make you Trust in Yourself.

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