Origins of Angora Cats

Title: Origins of Angora Cats
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Angora cat Turkish Angora cat is known as the (Turkish Angora) or cat Ankara State Kedisi derived from the Turkish Angora cat Turkish Race Original. Angora cats with blue eyes are unique and only white fur. From various countries Angora cat and a Persian cat is a cat that is much sought highest level. Both cats are very suitable race as pets or pets for cat lovers because it has the appearance that is so fascinating to be touched. Angora cat is a cat race oldest. When examined more carefully and Angora Cats Persian Cats is almost similar but both have differences in nose, body posture or body and feathers. Characteristics Persian cats usually have the pug nose, slightly rounded body and has long hair on the entire body. While the Angora cat has an aquiline nose, rather slim body and have the long hair on any part of the individual chapters.

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