Website to sell and buy all types of your coconut products

Title: Website to sell and buy all types of your coconut products
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Added on: Sep 12, 2014
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My name is VIJAYAKUMAR and I am the Founder for The purpose of this mail is to introduce our website, which provides the platform to sell and buy all types of coconut and its by-Products. To get more business Enquires for Coconut product manufactures and farmers we decided to restrict ourselves to concentrate only in coconut and its by-products. That’s how Coconutindia.Com emerged. Services offered from our end for Free of Cost 1. Daily Coconut Market Watch (For members we are sending SMS also) 2. Displaying Supplier and Buyer’s Details. To update your profile we are charging only minimum amount for one year. At present we are displaying manufactures and producers details of Coconut, Tender coconut, Coir Products, Coconut Powder, Packaged Tender Coconut Water, Coconut Nursery, Coconut Oil, etc… 3. Free Registration for farmers. 4.Expert Question and Answer Section related to Coconut Products.

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