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The Customers' Social Network

Title: The Customers' Social Network
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Added on: Dec 8, 2016
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In the boom of the social networks and the social networking, when the customers can find hundreds of sources of useful and useless information one more interesting spot just appeared on the scene. The Customers ‘Social Network, or just .customerso ( is a place for everyone. Do you want to share your opinion about a business, or just to check the rating of a company or local place as per the other customers’ opinion? There is such an option. Is there an option to post a review about a service you were very happy with? Certainly. Would you like to read or share a post or a link of your favorite website, toy, favorite brand or car? Here you are. You can exchange links as well .How? Is the link exchange allowed? Just register and post what link might be useful for all other users and “voilà”. If you need a promotion for your shop, e-shop, any business, blog, and article or a site the customers’ network would be the best lounge for placing them. How about the free a
Jessica Brown wrote on Dec 14, 2016

A nice site. Seems some items are still under development, though. I like the given options as stated in the ads. Jess.

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