2040 Health Care-The Medical Mall Of India

Title: 2040 Health Care-The Medical Mall Of India
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E-COMMERCE IN MEDICAL FIELD AND WHY ARE WE? 1.The first thing comes to our mind when we think about Healthcare is Medicine.But Do you know how much importance is Healthcare Products in our day to day Life. Let’s Share a Story. My Grand Father had Paraplegia Paralysis and was about to say Good Bye,It’s in year 2005.And My Father was in Bangalore at that time.Only Me,My Mother and My Grand Mother were there.We have very very little knowledge about what is paralysis and how it will be cured.We had responsibility and at that time internet was slowly developing even Youtube was launched 1-2 months before.So We had to admit him in to the hospital and we don’t have mediclaim.My Grandfather suggested us not to take him to the hospital because he was against through out his Life.So after that We Experience our very own Reputed Hospital in Delhi won’t name this hospital.I gave Standing ovation to this hospital after 2 months.Seriously That Hospital was a Retail Store where you have to pay Rupees for asking a water also(Joking).You can sense my feeling.From Medicines to Products every items must be nearer to Someone’s Salary.Because We didn’t know about those products or items or medicines etc.But We Purchased and make him discharged.After 5 months again this problem.But this time he was not able to walk also,So we call for Homecare Nurse.Again Money making things,He recommended some other products and facilities which were rarely available in Indian Market at that time.We were not able to pay those at that time.We purchased a manual wheelchair which costs some 7,500/-,a Catheter and manymore and we pay more than 25,000/- at that without knowing a single item price list.And everyone in our family became too busy at that time,because after all everyone is busy in their respective life and no body wants to go to local market invest their time in asking for price.But one day I was roaming in to the market and got to know that a manual wheelchair average cost varies between 4000-5000.So My GrandFather Passed away along with our 60% expenditure. After 10 Years Now It’s turn For My Grand Mother In 2015 there are some big brands now and We could manage to know every price list and Products list this time through these brands.But one thing they don’t have ,lack in Healthcare and OTC products even pharmacy,and if then we prices are bit high and there was no facility for Emergency products and home setup.At Last We had to go to Local Markets at Last and by the time we manage all these things She was no more. NOW Now it’s 2018.Some One has suggested me about his experience and that to be more critical.Then I made up my mind to open my own Venture www.2040healthcare.com. Now It’s my turn and I am trying to be at people’s expectation.Medical Products,BP Devices,Babycare products,Mothercare Products,ICU special products,Fitness Products,Hospital Setup,Home ICU Setup we have it all.And for normal people and who have spent many in certain position in medical treatment we have facility for EMI system for purchasing products more than 4000,and setups have 3 levels.URBAN,SUITE,ROYAL and we have it all just go through our sites.So Let’s join together and we can’t just compromise in healthcare products.So Same day delivery with all these facilities let’s join and enjoy.

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