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A very strong and Positive Man, 52 Years old I am living my life my way, I was very heavy at a few times in my life over 550lbs, I had many Health problems to deal with, I was Basically written off for Dead from my Dr's, I was On to many prescription's and did not have a Good quality of life or as I say no life. I have been to hell and back a few times, I have found the secrets to a good life I am now 385 lbs now and I have that Good Quality of life, I am here to help you learn the Secret to Weight control and Men’s total Wellness I have Lost over 240+ Lbs over 4 years and have kept it off and I am still Losing weight and I eat everything I want it is all in the quantity of the food that you must change and your life style, I have medical records to prove my weight loss for any skeptic it has taken me 52+ years to find the secret Email me at for help.

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