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Visi is centered on the powerful benefits of Scandinavian nature including the Arctic Cloudberry, Vísi products combine the secrets of ancient healing with modern science, research and medicine. The Arctic Cloudberry is ripened under the phenomenon of the Midnight Sun of Scandinavia. Completely natural, distinctly flavorful and highly prized for its nutritional value, the Arctic Cloudberry boasts extremely high levels of vitamins A, C, E and B, calcium, magnesium and ellagitannins and ellagic acid, which are potent antioxidants. There are five essential variables that are necessary for a company to survive long-term in this industry. If one or more of them is missing or lacking, the odds of success begin to diminish. Perhaps you’ve tried network marketing in the past, and it didn’t work out as well as you’d hoped. You may have just had your ladder learning against the wrong wall and lacked some of the following variables.

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