Pets online: cats, dogs and all kinds of pets

Title: Pets online: cats, dogs and all kinds of pets
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Probably the best social networking pet site in the world. Upload photos, share stories and make friends. Everything is completely free and no ads. The focus of our site is on the pets. Pets each have their own profile. Pets can make friends, post comments on the forum and send gifts to other pets. Cats and dogs have their own photo albums and blogs. They can share photos, videos, stories and experiences. Their owners have profiles and photo albums too, but the pets are where it's at. If you are worried about your cat or dog or if you are happy about something, share it in our blogs and forums. There are experienced pet owners and cat rescuers from around the world who can help you, support you, encourage you. You can browse photos of cats, dogs and other pets, pat the pets, play with them, comment on their photos, blogs, videos, send a cute gift, take part in fun competitions and make cat and dog collages. We are a friendly pet community. All kinds of pets are welcome. Join us today!

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