Parent Teacher Conference Registration

Title: Parent Teacher Conference Registration
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Added on: Nov 11, 2015
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Scholastico PTC is the best way for schools to organize registrations for parent teacher conferences. Every school has a parent conference at least once a year. But organizing those days can be a messy, time-consuming nightmare of spreadsheets, emails, and paper forms. With Scholastico PTC, parents sign themselves up for free slots with all their children’s teachers in just a few seconds. They can sign up for the best available slots to match their schedule. The teachers know who had signed up so that they can prepare for the conference. The office staff and secretaries can see at a glance what each parents and teachers schedule for the day looks like without having to do the cumbersome and manual task of planning the day. Scholastico PTC makes the entire process super efficient, easy, and fast. Parents, teachers and administrators are all going to be happy with the savings of time and effort.

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