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CAN Your Pet is an indie game played by PewDiePie on the 5th of September 2012. The game consists of the player dressing up your pet chick then completing small tasks to unlock the next task. When PewDiePie played this, he decided to name his pet chick Stephano, which he thought was a great idea at the time. He then went to dress him up, giving him hair. He looks at all the features of hairstyles and finds one that he claims to have similarities to Adolf Hitler's hairstyle. He soon settles with yellow, upright hair. Stephano's eyes are half closed, giving him a careless look. Afterwards, he gives him clothes and facial hair. He chooses a 'fancy' mustache and an odd stitch on his abdomen. He then begins the second and third tasks. The second being feeding his pet, and the third, washing him. When the 'feeding' and 'hygiene' bars are full, he unlocks the fourth task, 'playing'.

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