The old Lady HERTHA - Mother of HERTHA BSC BERLIN

Title: The old Lady HERTHA - Mother of HERTHA BSC BERLIN
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Welcome on board ! We invite you to Visit East Germany. Explore the beautiful Region between Forests, Lakes and small Rivers. With 800 years old small Cities with traditional german Buildings. ONLY 45 miles in the north of BERLIN you can meet the realy old lady HERTHA in action. In this 1886-built passenger ship the same Berliner Sport Club founded Hertha BSC in 1892! A reason to survive was the socialism-time in east germany. A special Ship with a crazy history!Discover with us the beautiful, unspoiled nature on the 22 km long "Kyritzer Seekette" ( Kyritzer chain of lakes), take us through the woods in channel or make a stop for coffee break on the island in the lake "Untersee"!

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