Hiking and basic outdoor survival gear

Title: Hiking and basic outdoor survival gear
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Take the appropriate camping and hiking gear. Evaluate your backpacking abilities before beginning any journey. Take these Tips with You! Shop for a good quality backpack. A hiker can forget his map, compass, flashlight, and knife but he can never leave without his backpack. Invest on a quality backpack that fits you. Take the appropriate hiking gear. Your survival when you are in hiking and backpacking trip depends on the right gear you bring. Pack clothes that are suitable for every possible weather condition in the area. Expect the worst. Plan your trip carefully. The secret to great hiking and backpacking trip is planning. Plan your trip early. If you have to make some reservations, do it months in advance. Bring a friend. It is not advisable to hike and backpack alone so tell your plan to a friend and bring him with you. Bring communication device. As part of your hiking gear bring a GPS, cellular phone, a two-way radio or a satellite phone if it’s available. Be safe outdoors!

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