Camp Third Eye

Title: Camp Third Eye
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Mystical & esoteric as it sounds, at CAMP THIRD EYE, we strive to give you a better realisation of the Self & of the Nature - 'enlightenment' as you may call it. This we do by means of numerous physical activities that we conduct here. Camp Third Eye is based on the theme of being Eco-Friendly and is powered by Infinity Adventures, an organisation which has quenched the thirst of Adventure Enthusiast (since 1997) and has embedded self confidence in tens of thousands of people. Surrounded by denser jungles at three sides, a stream at one side and with exotic natural landscaping, this five acre property aims at being eco-friendly. With 250 newly planted trees of various fruits and a few larger trees the property is fairly open allowing beyond views of the stars at nights. Wild life in the surrounding jungles is at its bloom as traces of animals like bison, bears, wild boars, porcupine, wild dogs, leopards and even tigers are frequently noticed.

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