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Politics Directory
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Facts, figures and opinions of politics and social attitudes.
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Political Patriots amendment to the U.S. Constitution adding Term Limits to resolve Entrenched Politicians and promote Incumbent Rotation.
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Rishabh bankar is a poltician of balaghat district and social worker.
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La nostra passione è la Politica, il nostro strumento è la socialità, per questo con un gruppo di persone abbiamo creato un “atomo” Politico, dove discutere di come migliorare la nostra cittadina, evitando di perdere di vista i veri valori che contraddistinguono la nostra civiltà: 1) Identità; 2) Cultura; 3) Tradizioni; 4) Territorio. Queste saranno le linee guida della nostra azione che che vogliamo realizzare, insieme, in questi anni. Questo è quello che potete aspettarvi dallo Spazio della Politica, se ci seguite e se, come speriamo, continuerete a seguirci.
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political news
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OLD GUARD AUDIO CONSERVATIVE PODCAST Here you will find articles from prominent conservatives. These could be elected officials, National, State, and Local who espouse ideals of conservatism. Republican, Tea Party, Libertarian or any Party that projects the principles that made this country great. OLD GUARD AUDIO TAKES WRITTEN MATERIAL AND CONVERTS IT TO AUDIO, FOR YOUR ON-DEMAND PLAYBACK. A PODCAST,, INTERNET RADIO, NETCAST, MOBILE ON-DEMAND, INTERNET AUDIO. THIS SITE WILL ALSO GENERATE AN AUDIO VERSION OF HILLSDALE COLLEGE PUBLICATION IMPRIMIS. A MONTHLY DIGEST ON LIBERTY AND THE DEFENSE OF AMERICA’S FOUNDING PRINCIPLES. Imprimis Newsletter has Over 2.8 Million Subscribers Worldwide.
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National Labour Party-NLP
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Lok Sabha Elections is one of the best topic of Politics in India. Lok Sabha Elections 2014 are starting on April 7, 2014 and ends on May 12, 2014. Lok Sabha Elections are are in 9 phases.
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Our government no longer cares about we the people. Our politicians are bought & paid for. Our founding fathers would revolt against this perversion of their vision. Get involved now.
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