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RUSSIAN BRAINSTORMING Registration PARTICIPATION IN THE EVENT You can become a participant of the event, including all of its session and coffee break Speakers STRUCTURAL REFORM OF THE ECONOMY 2015 NOVEMBER 20 "The current situation requires the active involvement and close cooperation of all the authorities... We need the structure of the economy change. But if we make money, where they will play exactly this role, or in support of people who really need support from the state. First of all, these resources should be used for lending to the most significant projects in the real economy at affordable interest rate... We need to continue addressing systemic problems, to change the structure of the economy based on those measures that will be applied to qualitatively improve the efficiency of social services. Don't need to wait for the situation to improve on its own. We must create the conditions for economic growth, use of all factors. In the present circumstances to find more effectiv

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